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About us - Advection Wear

About us

The name comes from the deep drum 'n' bass record label 'Advection Music' run by Tidal & Galaxi. it just describes the clothing arm associated with it. We started our humble journey nearly a decade ago and the concept was already in our hearts. Because of this wonderful music, we had the vision to evolve our dreams into a clothing line. So how did it start? Well the first range of custom designed clothing from Tidal came in form of our 'Central Projection' T-Shirts, back in 2005. All inspired from the 'Central Projection deeper drum 'n' bass collective' at the time included Jay Le Roc, Tidal & MC Smilee, It was and still is a way to represent what we do in our scene. The first run of T-shirts were sold very quickly, and a now somewhat of a rarity. Fast forward to 2010 and fellow Central Projection members Soul Objective and Tidal are bouncing around ideas in a Birmingham Pub this where 'Advection Wear' and '17 Degrees Below Zero' is created as clothing lines. Some samples are ordered for '17 Degrees Below Zero' and during the summer 2011 some pictures of Soul Objective were snapped by Tidal (as seen in the AM Producer01 LP cover inlay).

During 2011-2012 Bass'Flo, Tidal & Central Projection were involved in a sponsorship deal with the world famous Danish fashion brand 'Jack & Jones'. (The first sponsorship of its kind). In exchange for DJing and producing various marketing ideas involving music; Tidal in-particular got to experience working directly with the stylists, store managers, and marketing personnel from the Bestseller group. This was a vital experience in seeing the strong association between the music and clothing. This eventually lead to the first tangible samples of Advection Wear being created, in the form of a 'Vocalist' hoody. This was produced specifically for Venezuela's No.1 drum 'n' bass Female vocalist Iriann Joyce (Liquid V, HE:Digital, Rubik). An exclusive photoshoot was done in the gorgeous exotic surroundings of Isle de Coche, Punta Blanco, Venezuela in the south of the Caribbean. This was the foundation of the Advection Wear clothing line and brought Iriann to the design team. Fast forward to today and we have launched our exclusive ranges.

We design everything in-house and source the best around garments in Europe catering from Small to XL Mens and Womens clothing. It was the original deep style of the music which brought us all together. Warm subs, 808's bass, crisp rolling breakbeats and sonic ethereal soundscapes. In our clothing we hope to reflect this in everything that we do. It's not just a few T-Shirts with a record label logo. It's a lifestyle of being constantly surrounded by the music we love 365 days a year and so on! If you have the passion for the music like we do. You'll want your clothing to be close to your hearts 24/7.

Thank You

Team Advection Wear